Dwayne Adriano

Founder | Managing Partner

Dwayne is from West Covina, CA. Having gone into sales after serving in the Navy, Dwayne soon fell into agency recruiting where he could better channel his passion for helping others. He saw a lot of success in agency life, but something wasn't right. Why were recruiters getting such a bad rep? He soon realized - they weren't listening. That's when he had the idea for Fynd Talent. A different recruitment agency. When Dwayne isn't recruiting, you can catch him on a flight across the globe, as he aspires to hit every country on earth in the next decade. 


Scott Taylor

Founder | Managing Partner

Scott is from DC area, where he got his start matching resumes to requirements for a $100M government proposal the company his father worked for had brought on.  Fast forward 10 years,  he's doing the same thing at much deeper level. Like Dwayne, Scott also noticed the rep recruiting was getting. To change this, Scott prioritizes honesty and transparency in the recruitment process. He strives to make sure both parties feel truly listened to and fully informed. When he's not on the phone, he's usually off in the mountains - probably 16 miles deep on a hike through the wilderness.


Harry Witzke

Co-Founder | Head of Autonomous Mobility

Harry is from Metro-Detroit. Growing up near the Motor City, it's no surprise his niche in tech started in the automotive industry. He came into recruitment after graduating from the University of Michigan, immediately specializing in autonomous mobility. Harry focuses on bringing a realness to his work- acknowledging the inherently personal a quality of recruitment. To him,  it's key to have both your clients and candidates best interest at heart. When forced to choose between the two, it's probably not a good match. Outside of recruitment, Harry enjoys working in film and fashion industries.


Ryan Perez

Head of Recruitment, Digital & Creative

“Ryan the Recruiter” is a party animal turned peak performer from Santa Barbara, CA. A decade in LA and 7+ years’ recruiting digital, creative, and tech showed him how impactful partnering with the right people is. That’s also what frustrates Ryan about the industry- He was working 20 jobs and his clients were working with 20 recruiters. Where is the partnership in that? At Fynd, Ryan gets to invest in people that invest back because everyone’s best work is sure to follow. Outside recruiting, Ryan is equally driven to author a book, build a house from scratch, and attend the next national championship that USC plays in.

Photo for Katelyn.jpg

Katelyn Thomas

Lead Recruiter

Katelyn works remote out of Indianapolis. Katelyn taught herself how to recruit on open computer engineering role at her father's company. Her priorities in recruitment are the relationship built and information gathered. She is always the most informed recruiter on the search. Not only does she research the role, but her ability to build a relationship helps determine the more personal factors that help determine the right fit. Outside of recruiting, you can catch Katelyn chopping it up at Top Golf.