Fynd Purpose2.jpg

1.     Kick-Off. We need to understand your hiring needs. We partner with hiring managers and kick off searches with a detailed discovery meeting of your hiring needs, position requirements, persona and team preferences. It goes beyond paper qualifications.

2.     Research & Target. We'd like to think of ourselves as sourcing experts. We identify and attract potential talent for the opportunity, regardless of their employment status.

3.     Engage. We contact, engage and screen the talent pool from our research. We also manage, screen and engage with appropriate inbound applicants as well. All while managing our client’s employment brand.

4.     Present. We have conversations and/or meetings to qualify every candidate we present to the hiring manager. For every candidate presented, we will have the agreed upon data points gathered for the hiring manager. We then get feedback from the hiring manager and iterate as needed.

5.     Logistics. We provide all the logistical support around scheduling and conducting interviews to ensure nothing falls through the cracks.

6.     Hire. We can help negotiate and extend offers, gather and conduct detailed references, and seal the deal to get your position filled and the talent hired.