Our Partners

We are working towards a collaborative recruitment world to partner with the best to ultimately deliver a top-notch service to our clients while driving a flawless candidate experience.


Adapt talent

Adapt Talent is a niche focused technology recruitment business based globally with offices in Los Angeles, San Francisco and London. We provide a variety of solutions based on your needs. We appreciate one size may not fit all, technology is forever changing and for this reason, we need to adapt.


Marius group

Marius Group exists to make real impacts with real relationships.  We know how important it is to find the right pairing for both our candidates and our clients.  With years of combined experience, our team knows what it takes to find the right fit.     

Innerview 2.png


Innerview's mission is to transform the hiring experience for salespeople, sales recruiters, and sales leaders. An Innerview profile lets salespeople more efficiently match to sales jobs. Recruiters and employers vet candidates rapidly through the Innerview profile, which includes historical performance metrics, an audio pitch, and more.

Job seekers' profiles are anonymous until an employer is truly interested. This helps recruiters make decisions based on the insights that really matter (no names, pictures, or unnecessary credentials), and lets job seekers ask for what they really want.